Appointment of Lam An Trading as distributor of ActiBeet® in Vietnam

Singapore, 16 May 2017 - LinkAsia Partners is pleased to announce that Lam An Trading (LAA Co., Ltd) has been appointed as distributor of ActiBeet® in Vietnam, following the recent successful registration of the product in the country.  ActiBeet® is produced by AGRANA, a leading sugar producer in Central and Eastern Europe.  The product ActiBeet® is extracted from sugar beet molasses and is a natural source of betaine used extensively in animal nutrition.

David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners commented, “With ActiBeet® registered in Vietnam and this new partnership with LAA, AGRANA is well positioned to drive business growth in the high potential Vietnam market.”

“We are confident that LAA’s experienced team will help customers in Vietnam obtain optimal benefits from ActiBeet®,” said Michael Frey, Sales Director AGRANA Starch.  “LAA’s team is a valuable extension of our trusted network of distribution partners and has the expertise and knowledge of the market to provide excellent support to the customers in Vietnam.”

“We are privileged to be appointed the distributor of Actibeet® in Vietnam, a natural source of betaine widely used in the animal feed industry,” said Mrs Lan Anh, Director of LAA Co., Ltd.  “As always, we are committed to the evolving needs of the customers and offering ActiBeet® as a quality betaine is certainly beneficial to high animal performance.  We look forward to working closely with AGRANA to develop the rapidly growing animal feed market in Vietnam.”


About AGRANA and ActiBeet®:

Established in 1988, AGRANA today is the leading sugar producer in Central and Eastern Europe and its starch segment is a major European manufacturer of specialty products.  AGRANA is also the world market leader in fruit preparations and Europe's largest producer of fruit juice concentrates.  AGRANA turns agricultural raw materials into high-quality foods and numerous industrial intermediate products. About 8,600 employees at more than 50 production sites worldwide generate annual revenue of around three billion euros.  For more information, visit AGRANA at

ActiBeet® is a natural source of betaine extracted from sugar beet molasses.  It is an effective organic osmolyte and methyl donor that is widely used in poultry, pig and aquaculture.  Benefits include better growth performance and improved carcass quality with low fat yield.  Like all of AGRANA’s sugar and starch products, ActiBeet® is GMO-free.

About Lam An Trading (LAA Co., Ltd)

Lam An Trading Company Limited (LAA Co., Ltd) is a provider of premium feed additives and high quality raw materials from reputable global manufacturers.  With a track record of expertise and experience in the Vietnam animal nutrition and health market, LAA supports and caters to the needs of both international and local feed mills in Vietnam.  The professional team at LAA is experienced and focused on customer service to offer efficient support and flexible local deliveries.

For more information, visit LinkAsia Partners at