Bluewave Marine Ingredients appoints Arca Galleon Agriventures as distributor of PefectDigest™ in Philippines

Singapore, 20 December 2011 - Bluewave Marine Ingredients, a leading manufacturer of specialized proteins, peptides and nucleotides derived from marine sources, continues its   business growth plans in Asia Pacific with the recent appointment of Arca Galleon Agriventures as its distributor of PerfectDigest™ range of products in the Philippines. This new partnership will enable both companies to address the growing demand of PerfectDigest™ products in the region.

Mark Rottmann, CEO of Bluewave Marine Ingredients said, “Increasing our presence in Asia Pacific is fundamental to our global strategy and growth plan, and we are glad to partner with Arca Galleon Agriventures, a professional and experienced player in the local livestock sector.  We recognize the potential in the Philippines market and look forward to creating success stories with local customers and our best-selling PerfectDigest™ products.”

“Arca Galleon Agriventures is honoured to be appointed as distributor of PerfectDigest™ products in the Philippines. With this appointment, we will embark on a business development plan to aggressively promote and market PerfectDigest™ to the local livestock community,” said Jay Sebastian L. Balboa, President of Arca Galleon Agriventures.  “Given the increased awareness of the importance of quality marine-sourced peptides in enhancing animal performance, we are all set to bring PerfectDigest™ to capture the growing market in the Philippines.”

“Arca Galleon Agriventures, with its established distribution network and knowledge of the local market, will greatly contribute to Bluewave’s entry into the region,” said David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners. “This new partnership will be a significant step as we address the market opportunities and bring the remarkable benefits of PerfectDigest™ to more customers.”


About Bluewave Marine Ingredients and PerfectDigest™:

Bluewave Marine Ingredients is a leading manufacturer of specialized proteins, peptides and nucleotides derived from marine sources. Using patented membrane filtration technology to process and purify marine hydrolysates, Bluewave ensures production of high quality peptide and nucleotide fractions which can be used across a broad range of applications for human food, animal feed, pet food and fertilizer applications. The PerfectDigest™ product categories include marine-sourced peptides and hydrolysates, fat-free protein isolates and products containing high levels of Omega 3 and EPA/DHA.

  1. PerfectDigest™ FPI (fish peptide isolate)

  2. PerfectDigest™ FPC (fish peptide concentrate)

Bluewave currently has production plants in Ecuador and Peru, with Spain starting Q1 2012, and additional expansion sites planned for South America, Asia and Africa.

About Arca Galleon Agriventures, Inc.

Arca Galleon Agriventures, Inc., established in 2003, is a private company which imports and distributes veterinary and nutritional products as well as climate control equipment for the Philippines livestock and aquaculture sector.  Arca Galleon has a well established market reach in the Philippines and currently holds distribution rights for several international brands from leading manufacturers from the U.S., Spain, Singapore and China. For more information, please email us at

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