Biorigin Appoints LinkAsia Partners As Marketing and Commercial Support Partner in Asia Pacific

Singapore, 28 June 2011 - Biorigin, a Brazilian company specialized in innovative solutions based on biotechnological processes, has appointed LinkAsia Partners Pte Ltd as its strategic marketing and commercial support partner for its products in select Asia Pacific countries. Under the agreement, LinkAsia Partners will drive and support the development of the Biorigin brand and business, as well as establishing distribution channels to support the business growth plan.

“This partnership with LinkAsia Partners is an important step for Biorigin as the highly dynamic Asia Pacific region will be a major focus of Biorigin future development,” said Mario Steinmetz, General Manager of Biorigin.  Dr. Goetz Gotterbarm, Sales & Marketing EAME & Asia added, "With Biorigin’s growing commercial presence and technical involvement in the Asia Pacific region, this timely partnership will provide additional resources for development and marketing support to the region. The focus will be on supporting existing partners in the region as well as the growing regional players in the fast growing market of Asia Pacific.  In coordination with our existing distribution partners in Asia Pacific we trust David and his team will bring the Biorigin brand and business to the next level of performance.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Biorigin and our partnership represents a great opportunity to further extend the market reach of the Biorigin brand and business in Asia Pacific,” said David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners. “Biorigin offers a wide range of leading-edge products based on yeast and its derivatives, which drives health and performance through its applications. Working together, we can generate more business potential and strengthen Biorigin’s foothold in the extensive Asia Pacific region.”


About Biorigin and products

Biorigin is a Brazilian company specialized in the development of innovative solutions based on yeast and other products from biotechnological processes. As a forward-looking company, Biorigin continually strives to bring to market advanced and breakthrough solutions that offer value and performance. Biorigin is present in more than 30 countries, and has a focus on the development of innovative natural solutions that promote society’s health and quality of life. All its products are GMO-free and allergen-free.


MacroGard® feed material / feed ingredient is a pure and natural product derived from baker’s yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

MacroGard® is processed by highly advanced and patented techniques and has undergone necessary purification giving a high yield of bio-active carbohydrates for the inclusion in feeds and premixes. The product is free from material of animal source and "Genetically Modified Organism" (GMO free).


ActiveMOS is a prebiotic additive for animal feed, rich in mannanoligosaccharides (MOS), extracted from a specially selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. The product is a spray dried powder of a light beige to a dark brown colour (colour variation does not affect product functionality). ActiveMOS does not contain any material from "Genetically Modified Organism" (GMO free).


Selemax is an inactive dry yeast containing high levels of organic selenium. This essential trace element in organic form is highly available as a nutritional supplement for animals. A specially selected strain of a primary grown Saccharomyces cerevisiae is spray dried to a fine, free flowing powder of light beige colour.  Selemax does not contain any material from “Genetically Modified Organism” (GMO free).

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