Bluewave Marine Ingredients appoints Nice Garden to distribute PerfectDigest™ Peptides in Taiwan

- Bluewave continues to expand distribution network with appointment of new distributor in Taiwan

Singapore, 10 May 2011 - Bluewave Marine Ingredients is continuing to expand its Asia Pacific distribution network with the appointment of Nice Garden as distributor for the Taiwan market.  Under the new distribution agreement, Nice Garden is authorized to distribute, market and support PerfectDigest™ products in Taiwan.

Mark Rottmann, COO of Bluewave Marine Ingredients, said, “Nice Garden has exceptional knowledge of the Taiwan market and we believe that with their excellent distribution network, manufacturing capabilities and professionalism they will provide excellent market coverage for the PerfectDigest™range. Taiwan is an important market with great potential as well as being the base of operations for leading companies in Asia Pacific.  We look forward to partnering with Nice Garden to expand the availability and awareness of PerfectDigest™ in the region.”

Hank Wu, CEO of Nice Garden, said, “We are delighted to represent PerfectDigest™ in Taiwan as it expands our portfolio with a quality and high efficacy product line we can take to our customers. The wide applications of PerfectDigest™ make it a valuable product for both feed manufacturers and farmers producing feeds for various species. Together with Bluewave and LinkAsia Partners we can bring PerfectDigest™ to market to ensure steady growth through our strong links with our customers, our technical support and logistic expertise.”

“Nice Garden is a reputable company with an excellent track record and their competence and professionalism make them an ideal distributor choice for our clients. We are confident this partnership will further enhance our plans to substantially grow the regional business for Bluewave and PerfectDigest™,” said David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners.


About Bluewave Marine Ingredients and PerfectDigest™:

Bluewave Marine Ingredients is a leading manufacturer of specialized proteins, peptides and nucleotides derived from marine sources. Using patented membrane filtration technology to process and purify marine hydrolysates, Bluewave ensures production of high quality peptide and nucleotide fractions which can be used across a broad range of applications for human food, animal feed, pet food and fertilizer applications. The PerfectDigest product categories include marine-sourced peptides and hydrolysates, fat-free protein isolates and products containing high levels of Omega 3 and EPA/DHA.

  1. PerfectDigest™ FPI (fish peptide isolate)

  2. PerfectDigest FPC (fish peptide concentrate)

Bluewave currently has production plants in Ecuador and Peru, with additional expansion sites planned for South America, Asia and Northern Africa. Bluewave’s human consumption registered facility will begin production later this month, providing refined fish proteins which can be used as milk protein substitutes.

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About Nice Garden:

Nice Garden Industrial Co. Ltd., founded in 1984, is a private company dedicated to providing high quality and value-added nutrition and health products to the Taiwanese livestock and aquaculture industries.  Over 2 decades, not only has Nice Garden shared long term partnerships with several global leading companies to strengthen its product portfolios, in recent years we have also expanded our professional services to farm management systems, veterinary support, formulation consulting and premix manufacturing.  It is our tireless pursuit of excellence in customer satisfaction that drives Nice Garden to grow every day, and we believe we have the right attitude and people to continue our passion to further improve the Taiwanese agribusiness.

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