Bluewave Marine Ingredients signs agreement

Bluewave Marine Ingredients joined VIV Asia for the first time to promote PerfectDigest , a purified bioactive peptide product from fresh marine-sourced raw materials which is a good stimulant for young animals.

The Peptides are available in two forms PerfectDigest FPC (fish protein concentrate) which is a mix of medium sized peptides, essential fatty acids and oils from fish; and the PerfectDigest FPI (fish protein isolate) which is the only low molecular sized peptide. Both products are in a liquid and powder form.

For piglets it can be a replacement for plasma protein. In some cases, a mix of 66% peptide and 36% plasma provide the ultimate benefit for the animal.

For poultry, typical inclusion rate is 1% (DM) in the first 21 days and then at 0.5% (DM) after that. Typically, every 10g of the peptide that the bird consumes will yield a 30g weight increase at the end of its life, so the return of investment is 300%.

At the VIV, BlueWave Marine Ingredients signed an agreement with Berli Jucker Company Thailand (BJC) for the distribution of PerfectDigest FPC LD and PerfectDigest FPI LD in Thailand and Vietnam.

Already the company has presence in Taiwan, Malaysia, and China and is working on registration in Vietnam. BlueWave Marine Ingredients is being represented in Asia by LinkAsia Partners.

For more details visit their websites at and

From left: Bob Nichol, Technical Director of LinkAsia Partners; Sirikul Samusakorn, AVP, BJC Specialities Division; Peter E. Romhild, Senior EVP-BJC; David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners; Mark Rottman, COO of Bluewave Marine Ingredients

This article is reproduced with permission from Asian Agribusiness Media, from April/May 2011 issue of Asian Pork and April 2011 issue of Asian Poultry.