TechMix appoints LinkAsia Partners as strategic partner in Asia Pacific for its nutritional specialty products

Singapore, 18 January 2011 -  TechMix Inc., a leading manufacturer of animal nutritional products to minimize dehydration stress and enhance performance, has appointed LinkAsia Partners as its strategic partner to represent and develop its complete line of nutritional specialty products in the Southeast Asia and Oceania regions. LinkAsia Partners will provide marketing and commercial support to launch TechMix products to these markets.

TechMix offers a complete line of nutritional specialty products for different animal species, all in support of improving and maintaining good animal health and nutrition. The scientific formulations help minimize dehydration stress by restoring normal body fluid and electrolyte balance.

“We are delighted to kickstart 2011 with this strategic partnership with LinkAsia Partners. Throughout Asia Pacific, the livestock industry is highly dynamic and evolving in response to each country’s unique challenges. Partnering with LinkAsia Partners offers TechMix access to an extensive network of channels and market intelligence,” said David Muysson, Director of International Business at TechMix Inc..  “We are confident that this is a start of a rewarding journey for TechMix in the important markets in Southeast Asia and Oceania.”

David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners, said: “The mission of LinkAsia Partners is to bring evolutionary and quality products to the feed and food ingredient sector in Asia Pacific. Products from TechMix offer great price/performance advantage for customers needing cost-effective and high performance solutions for optimal animal health. Customers from some countries have already expressed interest in TechMix products such as BlueLite™, hydration and nutritional products for swine, dairy, dogs, and horses.  Indeed, TechMix has a noteworthy product range that will add great value to the livestock sector in Asia Pacific.”


About TechMix

TechMix. Inc. is a US-based manufacturer specialized in developing nutritional specialty products that are scientifically formulated to enhance animal performance and minimize dehydration stress. The complete range of specialty products for production and companion animals are specifically designed to help maintain feed intakes and normal fluid-electrolyte balance. Each product is field tested by teams of veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure optimal animal health and performance.

The right nutritional assistance, at the right time, gives animals a much better chance of getting through high-stress events with fewer complications. Keeping animals healthy costs far less than fighting a disease in progress. Numerous field studies have demonstrated that TechMix products are economical to use and deliver measurable return on investment.

TechMix offers specific products to meet the nutritional needs of different animal species, including swine, companion animals, sporting dogs, equine, dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep and goats.


K9 products give all dogs the advantage of improved health and ample energy with its proven nutritional benefits.


  1. K9 BlueLite® products provide dogs with quick energy, allowing them to quickly recuperate to stay at the top of their game.  The energy and other added benefits allow for quick recovery and continued high levels of performance.

  1. K9 Restart™ products provide dogs with quick and sustained Energy, allowing them to maintain a high level of performance and replenish energy stores for those times when endurance is needed. 

  1. K9 Natu-Joint is a joint supplement that contains a liquid form of Hyaluronic Acid, a fast-absorbing supplement that builds joint viscosity, helping to maintain and improve joint health.



A palatable, acidified high density liquid energy and electrolyte source, Blue2 increases water intake, rehydrates, and provides critical nutrients during times when pigs are not getting the nutrition they need. Like Swine BlueLite®, Blue2 is designed to rehydrate and provide energy for the nutritionally challenged pig. In addition, Blue2 provides pigs with the amino acids critical in times of stress such as weaning or illness. 

Mo' Milk®

Mo’ Milk® Feed Mix is a palatable high-energy natural laxative specifically designed to mix in with the pre-farrowing and lactation rations.  The natural laxative action of psyllium produces a softer stool that helps reduce constipation.  Mo’ Milk® softens stools without the potentially harsh action of many chemical laxatives.

Baby Pig Restart™ One-4

Baby Pig Restart™ One-4 is specifically formulated to help prevent starvation and stunting in young pigs that are not consuming sufficient or adequate energy from their milk or pig starter.  Baby Pig Restart™ One-4 is a tasty acidified blend of blood plasma, milk fat and animal energy sources fortified with vitamins and electrolytes.  It is convenient to use – added to drinking water, top dressed on pig starter feed or drenched directly to problem pigs.


BlueLite® Swine Formula

BlueLite® Swine Formula is an acidified electrolyte and energy source.  When added to the water it can help minimize shrink and dehydration in swine of any age.  Multiple energy sources in the formula have been shown to help promote water intake as well as stimulate better dry feed intakes.


Bovine BlueLite®

Bovine BlueLite® is a proven rehydration shrink recovery formula developed for dairy cows.  Administer to cows dehydrated with winter dysentery, during heat stress, or following LDA correction and hypertonic saline use.  Ideal for cattle of any age going to shows and sales.


Fresh Cow YMCP Plus™

A water administered formula, Fresh Cow YMCP Plus™ has been shown to improve feed intakes after calving.  Fresh Cow YMCP Plus™ provides four sources of calcium and other key nutrients to help recovery after calving.


Equine BlueLite®

Equine BlueLite® a tasty, buffered electrolyte rehydration fortification with vitamins and energizing agents.  Ideal for trail rides, show horses, training and stables to minimize dehydration stress and ensure top performance.  Simply top dress on feed or add to drinking water.

Equine Natu-Joint

Natu-Joint provides natural support for equine joint function and lubrication.  Developed to help maintain joint mobility, Natu-Joint helps to decrease deterioration of cartilage tissue by supplying the necessary building blocks that help the body manufacture its own natural cartilage.  Natu-Joint contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid making it the choice for the highly competitive animal.  As a liquid supplement, Natu-Joint provides fast absorption of Hyaluronic Acid, helping to quickly build viscocity and cushion to your horse's joints.


Equine Natu-Lax

Natu-Lax is a 100% natural equine laxative and lubricant in pellet form, formulated with psyllium concentrate.


Equine Hoof Protect

Equine Hoof Tend'R is formulated with key ingredients and proprietary blends that help your horse achieve and sustain good hoof health, plus healthy hair and skin development.


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