Animine, global supplier of value-added sources of trace minerals for animal nutrition, appoints LinkAsia Partners as strategic marketing and commercial support partner in Asia Pacific

Singapore, 21 December 2010 - Animine, a global supplier of value-added sources of trace minerals for animal nutrition, has appointed LinkAsia Partners as its strategic marketing and commercial support partner in Asia Pacific. Under this partnership, LinkAsia Partners will work closely with Animine to develop markets, channels and product positioning in the Asia Pacific region.

“This is an exciting time for Animine as we join forces with LinkAsia Partners to develop our business in Asia Pacific, a vast region with enormous growth potential and an important market for us,” said Stéphane Durosoy, founder and CEO of Animine. “As such, we need to select a strong strategic partner who could not only work in collaboration with us to lead the effort in entering the Asia Pacific markets, but also understand how the market opportunities and challenges will impact our business to ensure that we meet our business objectives.”

“As we end the year 2010, we are delighted to start a strategic partnership with Animine where we will represent and support Animine, build on their great products and launch it to the important markets in Asia Pacific,” said David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners. “ZinPot, a specialized source of Zinc Oxide,will be one of the first products to be launched in Asia Pacific and we are confident that this breakthrough product will be very well-received by distributors and customers looking for a solution with performance and value.”


About Animine and ZinPot:

Founded by Stéphane Durosoy in 2010 in France, Animine is a global supplier of feed additives with a focus on value-added sources of trace minerals for animal nutrition. Animine offers customers performance solutions with its innovative and unique feed additives based on its six pillars of company strengths: product expertise, scientific credibility, innovation and differentiation, adaptation to local conditions, high level of safety and proactive concern for the environment. Animine is committed not only in animal nutrition and performance, but also the safety and sustainability of the feed and food chain.

Presented as a free-flowing powder, ZinPot is a unique and specialized source of zinc , manufactured under a patented process, which potentiates the known effects of zinc oxide in the post-weaning phase of the piglet.  As such, ZinPot is more active in the gut and can replace, at a significantly reduced dosage, the traditional use at pharmacological level (3000ppm) of zinc oxide.  The result represents a significant benefit in terms of cost savings and performance for consumers as well as reducing the impact of zinc in the environment.

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