Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical appoints Gladron Chemicals as distributor of Roxycide™ in Malaysia

Singapore, 30 November 2010 - LinkAsia Partners today announced that Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of quality disinfection products and systems, has appointed Gladron Chemicals, an established supplier of animal health and nutritional products, as its distributor for Roxycide™ products in Malaysia.

“With more than 30 years in the business, Gladron has proven industry expertise and reputation to provide the necessary service and support to our customers in Malaysia,” said Michael Wang, Director of Foreign Business of Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical. “We are expanding our presence in Asia and the partnership with Gladron will greatly benefit the effort to develop the business for Roxycide™ products in Malaysia.”

“We look forward to working closely with Rosun and are excited at the opportunity to bring a remarkable disinfectant product to our customers in Malaysia,” said Howard Lee, Executive Director for Gladron Chemicals. “Specially formulated for the demanding animal and aquaculture production industries, Roxycide™ is an eco-friendly product with wide applications. We are confident that Roxycide™ will be much sought-after by our customers in the diverse livestock sector.”

“Gladron has an excellent reputation as a supplier of animal health and nutritional products and we welcome this partnership to further enhance our offerings and service to customers in Malaysia,” said David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners. “With their wide distribution network and experience in the Malaysia market, we trust Gladron will successfully bring the value and benefits of Roxycide™ to market.”


About Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical

Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. based in Chengdu, China, is a leading provider of patented disinfection products and solutions.  With a focus on cutting-edge research and development, Rosun is committed to providing its customers quality disinfection products and bringing disinfection healthcare to the next level.

RoxycideTM is a fast acting and safe disinfectant designed for use in livestock and aquaculture production systems.  The potassium monopersulphate compound and sodium chloride complexed with surfactant and balanced acid pH system generates high levels of free radicals, activated oxygen and hypochlorous acid proven highly effective against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in environments including organic matter or biofilms. Non-toxic and non-irritant at recommended dilutions, RoxycideTM is compatible with standard application methods such as surface spray, water systems, nebulizers and aerosol. RoxycideTM is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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About Gladron Chemicals:

Gladron Chemicals Sdn Bhd is an established supplier of animal health and nutritional products with over 34 years of industry experience. Our extensive product lines include - animal feeds supplements and additives, animal health and nutritional products, disinfectants and other small animal products. To meet the needs of the dynamic livestock industry, our products are used widely in swine, poultry, equine, bovine, aquaculture, small animals, sheep and goats. Our warehouses are all over Malaysia, East Malaysia and Singapore, with main office in Shah Alam.  For more information, visit

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