Bluewave Marine Ingredients and PeterLabs announce distribution agreement to bring PerfectDigest™ products to Malaysia

Singapore, 29 September 2010 - LinkAsia Partners today announced that Bluewave Marine Ingredients, the makers of PerfectDigest™, and PeterLabs, a leading supplier of animal health and nutrition products, have entered into an agreement for distribution of PerfectDigest™ products in Malaysia.

Under the 3-year agreement, PeterLabs has acquired the rights to market, distribute and sell PerfectDigest™ line of products in Malaysia. PeterLabs and Bluewave have mapped out a comprehensive business and marketing plan to bring the animal nutritional value of PerfectDigest™ to the livestock industry.

“As a leading specialist in animal feed and health products, PeterLabs is a great fit as the distributor for PerfectDigest™,” said David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners. “This partnership demonstrates the shared commitment of Bluewave, LinkAsia Partners and PeterLabs to bring the “best of breed” products and solutions to our customers in Malaysia.”

“We are excited to be the appointed distributor for the PerfectDigest™ line of products,” said Dr. Teo Kooi Cheng, Executive Director for PeterLabs. “Our in-depth knowledge and experience of the industry, coupled with the unique attributes and benefits of the PerfectDigest™ products, will mean new choices to customers from the poultry, pig and aquaculture sectors.”

“Partnering with PeterLabs is an obvious choice for us, as their extensive industry network will significantly increase visibility and sales for PerfectDigest™,” said Mark Rottmann, COO of Bluewave Marine Ingredients. “This is another important development and push into the Asia market for PerfectDigest™ products and we are looking forward to continued partnership and great business results with PeterLabs.”


About Bluewave Marine Ingredients and PerfectDigestTM:

Bluewave Marine Ingredients is a leading manufacturer of specialized proteins, peptides and nucleotides derived from marine sources. Using patented membrane filtration technology to process and purify marine hydrolysates, Bluewave ensures production of high quality peptide and nucleotide fractions which can be used across a broad range of applications for human food, animal feed, pet food and fertilizer applications. The PerfectDigestTM product categories include marine-sourced peptides and hydrolysates, fat-free protein isolates and products containing high levels of Omega 3 and EPA/DHA.

  1. PerfectDigestTM FPI (fish peptide isolate)

  2. PerfectDigestTM FPC (fish peptide concentrate)

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