Agromed Austria appoints LinkAsia Partners as exclusive marketing and commercial support partner in Asia Pacific

Singapore, 10 August 2010 - Agromed Austria GmbH, a leading provider of premium natural feed additives, has appointed LinkAsia Partners Pte Ltd as its exclusive marketing and commercial support partner for its range of OptiCell® and FibreCell® products  in Asia Pacific. This strategic partnership allows LinkAsia Partners to drive sales and business development of the OptiCell® and FibreCell® brands, both natural lignocellulose products made from fresh wood.

“Agromed understands the vast potential of the Asia Pacific market and expects aggressive revenue growth from this region,” said Helmut Grabherr, CEO of Agromed. “We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with LinkAsia Partners and have confidence that David and his team will develop the Agromed brand and bring the animal nutritional benefits of OptiCell® and FibreCell® to this important region.”

David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners said: “It is indeed a great privilege to represent the Agromed brand and products in the Asia Pacific region. We are thrilled to offer OptiCell® and FibreCell® as part of our portfolio, bringing to the market another premium product line in animal nutrition.”

About Agromed

Agromed is a leading provider of premium natural feed additives based out of Austria. Based on a philosophy of producing natural products for natural nutrition that yet meets today’s stringent demands for efficacy and quality, Agromed is committed to innovation and production of quality feed additives. Agromed has an established network of partners and distributors around the world, serving its growing customer base.

OptiCell® is a natural lignocellulose product made from fresh wood. With a high crude fibre content, OptiCell® is a valuable dietary fibre source. OptiCell® has a well-balanced combination of fermentable and non-fermentable fibre contents.  The positive effects of OptiCell® show:

  1. Optimal peristalsis of the small and large intestine

  2. Prebiotic effect in the large intestine contributing to a higher lactic and butyric acid production

  3. Higher water absorption and drier faeces

  4. Binding of pathogens

All together, the positive effects result in better gut health and positive influence of digestion.

FibreCell® is a natural lignocellulose product made from fresh wood, as a first generation product. With a high crude fibre content, FibreCell® is a valuable fibre source for animal nutrition. The high content of fibre contained in FibreCell® makes it a valuable fibre supplement and positively influences digestion.


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